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The Hamilton Mfg Co’s No 672 & No 673

The Hamilton Mfg Co’s No 672 & No 673

No 672 and No 673 were the official, if unimaginative, names used for two patented designs cut exclusively by The Hamilton Mfg Co. Both No 672 (USD 37,308) and No 673 (USD 37,309) were patented on January 31, 1905, after being submitted for review on November 17, 1904. Perhaps most interesting is that both patents were filed by HP Hamilton but not assigned to The Hamilton Mfg Co.   Henry […] Read more – ‘The Hamilton Mfg Co’s No 672 & No 673’.

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Wood Type Research is a blog of current research in wood type design, manufacture and use during the 19th and 20th centuries by Professor David Shields, Chair of the Department of Graphic Design at Virginia Commonwealth University.

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A newly discovered American manufacturer
Creative Wood Type & Engraving Co appeared in three New York City Directories 1942–1944. In 1942 and 1943 the company was listed at 71 Park Place, and in 1944 was listed at 71 Park Place and (just around the corner) at 261 Greenwich Street. The address included on the only known specimen printed by the company listed the address at 119 West 23rd Street in Manhattan. The broadside measures 14 […] Read more – ‘A newly discovered American manufacturer’.
Antique Tuscans in America
In the spring of 2017, Bill Moran at the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum Museum invited me to write an article on a topic of my choosing (always an enticing offer) for their website’s blog to be of general interest to their members (always a daunting task). I decided to focus on a particular design that acted as a through-line to several of my typographic interests, Read more – ‘Antique Tuscans in America’.
A (working) hand-list of available wood type specimen catalog facsimiles and digital copies
This is a first attempt on my part to compile (and make available) a comprehensive list of wood type specimen catalogs{1} that currently exists as facsimiles or digital copies that are freely or more readily accessible than the rare originals. This compilation focuses exclusively on wood type manufacturers and their distribution partners and hopefully can move beyond the limited focus of American and English manufactures with more research. I would […] Read more – ‘A (working) hand-list of available wood type specimen catalog facsimiles and digital copies’.